Gongol.com Archives: May 2016

Brian Gongol

May 31, 2016

Computers and the Internet Microsoft doesn't like your password

If it's one of the most common passwords, the company isn't going to allow users to employ it. They're going to "dynamically ban common passwords", based on the lists they can automatically generate of the most over-used passwords. That means "123456" is out, and so are a lot of others like it. Microsoft will use the new dynamic banning policy on Microsoft accounts like Hotmail, Outlook, Xbox, and OneDrive. Unsurprisingly, they're also pushing users to activate two-factor authentication, too. Interestingly, Microsoft's research finds that it's actually counterproductive to force people to change passwords regularly because it leads to the use of more predictable passwords. And people are already dangerously predictable.

The United States of America Gary Johnson talking sense on immigration

Growing reason to take seriously the Libertarian candidate

Computers and the Internet There are too many versions of Android floating around

What's good for Google -- to have the single, latest OS out there universally -- is bad for the phone-sellers who want people to have to buy new hardware to get the latest software

Threats and Hazards Trump adviser says the Orange Menace would make the Vice President do all the work

Nobody needs an over-eager, micromanaging President. But we're fools if we're hiring someone who doesn't plan to do the job.

Threats and Hazards Series of shipwrecks kills 500 people in Mediterranean

If 500 Americans or Europeans died in a plane crash, it would make non-stop headline news. There should be no less respect for the loss of lives from Syria and other troubled nations.

The United States of America Book review: "Stand for Something", by John Kasich

Certainly not the worst political memoir/position book ever written, but definitely not as strong as Kasich's actual record