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Brian Gongol

June 5, 2016

Health Why our fingers wrinkle

It appears to be a physiological response to permit us to grasp things with wet hands

Business and Finance A potential case for demolition bonds

Small communities are having trouble paying to remove old buildings that have outlived their usefulness (and often contain perils like asbestos). It may make some sense to require every new building to come with a bond for its own demolition. The costs are real, even if we don't think about them.

Humor and Good News Denmark's kinda-creepy way of reversing population decline

If the young people aren't making enough babies, shame them into doing it for Grandma. And get Grandma to kick in for the cost of a romantic vacation.

Aviation News Delta says 90% of flights will come with free onboard entertainment by July

A few hundred movies and several hundred TV episodes will be available over the WiFi signals in Delta planes. That's a huge change from just a few years ago, when most electronic signals were forbidden in-flight.

Computers and the Internet Alphabet/Google subsidiary Nest moves CEO to "advisory" role

The transition from startup to subsidiary isn't always an easy or satisfying one

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