Gongol.com Archives: August 2016

Brian Gongol

August 28, 2016

The United States of America Get the Libertarians on stage

In this extraordinary year, the top-of-ticket Libertarians are more mainstream than the top-of-ticket Republicans. And they're more economically and fiscally responsible than either the Republican or Democratic tickets. If they're not part of the debates, then the nation loses. The rest of this story? Either the Republican Party needs to start sounding a lot more like the top of the Libertarian ticket, or the Libertarian Party needs to start getting serious about winning down-ticket races, because the current status of the GOP confederation isn't stable.

Business and Finance Fiat Chrysler looks at Samsung as a "strategic partner"

Samsung, it should be remembered, is a sprawling conglomerate -- not just a maker of cell phones.

Computers and the Internet Facebook has laid off the editors on its "trending news" team

Some programmers will remain on the team to figure out how to tweak the algorithms, but don't imagine that the computers will make decisions that are free of human judgment. The algorithms used will still be imprinted with judgments made by the people who program them, and there's no doubt that publishers will take steps to try to hack the algorithms in their own favor.

News Kids these days...they all think they're going to be famous

A study from several years ago suggests that 31% of American teenagers actually think they're going to be famous. If that influences the way people behave, we should ask ourselves whether it's for good or for ill.

News Much progress on equality for women

But there's still work to be done