Gongol.com Archives: September 2016

Brian Gongol

September 20, 2016

Science and Technology Technology-illiterate people shouldn't control the levers of government

We don't necessarily have to fill Congress with coders, but the people who make and enforce our laws had better understand the big picture when it comes to technology

Threats and Hazards Why was a motorist shot by Tulsa police?

The available video evidence shows no apparent cause for police to have taken lethal action

Computers and the Internet Some HP printers are about to start rejecting third-party ink

HP has long made a good product, but this is taking things too far

Science and Technology At last, the Federal government is setting rules for self-driving cars

While government over-regulation is a bad thing, it's inevitable that some technologies (like self-driving cars) are going to require new or revised rules. It took much too long for the government to respond to the rise of autonomous automobiles, but at least they're finally getting something on paper.

News How libraries used to be a key source of national pride

Libraries have always needed to reflect the needs of their times, and they will continue as institutions of great importance even in a mostly-digital world. They will need careful curation, guidance, and promotion, however.

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