Gongol.com Archives: October 2016

Brian Gongol

October 30, 2016

News Life under ISIS/ISIL in Iraq

Understand: The people forced to live under the terrorist regime are the real victims, and they're the people we should be looking for ways to help.

News Justice Clarence Thomas worries that we're undermining our institutions

The notably conservative jurist seems to be suggesting that the Senate is doing meaningful harm by refusing to act on a SCOTUS nominee. Institutions have a value that transcends momentary politics.

Threats and Hazards Someone hung white-power posters at Iowa State


Aviation News Walk-through body scanners now being tested

Perhaps airport security in the future won't be the nightmare it often is today. Getting people screened swiftly isn't just a matter of convenience -- it's a security issue unto itself. Long lines of unscreened people queued up like cattle are themselves a serious target for attack.

News "A frustrating lack of intellectual ambition for children to match the sporting ambition"

Should American schools look a little more like American gyms? An interesting perspective from a semi-outsider.

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