Gongol.com Archives: December 2016

Brian Gongol

December 16, 2016

Computers and the Internet President Obama says Russia will be punished

For using cyberwarfare against the United States to influence the 2016 election, that is

Business and Finance Uber driver takes a passenger from Omaha to Denver

Driver: "I didn't have anything better to do". And that, you see, is what gives a low-friction economy the potential for both great opportunity and serious destabilization. If people are willing to transform their leisure time from "nothing better to do" into productive work, then lots of great things can be done. But if people are willing to do things as extraordinary as driving 1,100 miles in a day on little more than a lark, then anyone who depends upon the kind of work being displaced by "nothing better to do" could find themselves in a downward economic spiral in a hurry. Embrace the good that comes with these changes, but social stability will require figuring out ways to mitigate the harm done to those who lose out.

Computers and the Internet Why did it take Yahoo years to admit to a gigantic security breach?

Possibly because they weren't even the ones to have discovered the attack

News Over-extended metaphor or omen?

Is a disappointing hotel in DC a sign of what the next Presidential administration will do to the country?

Computers and the Internet When you refute an argument that nobody is making

Writer Dan Brooks says to call it "egg-manning", after the classic "straw man" fallacy -- but applied to the era of the Twitter egg