Gongol.com Archives: December 2016

Brian Gongol

December 26, 2016

Business and Finance "Tariffs and quotas seldom save jobs for long"

The arguments for liberalized trade are always under assault from "common sense" that is wildly misinformed

Threats and Hazards What's making Finland nervous

Finland doesn't have a lot of generations of history of independence from Russia. Demonstrations of strength in the Baltics give the Finns thoroughly understandable anxiety.

News The trouble with the Obama Administration's anti-press chill

Frosty relations under Obama have set the stage for even worse behavior by his successor. That's bad for the country.

The United States of America Vice President Biden gets it

The future for the Democratic Party isn't to be found in doubling down on what makes the party "different" so much as in acting on needs that seem to be going unanswered. That's a very small-"d" democratic idea, indeed.

News The Sears Tower in 150 years

Yes, it's called the Willis Tower now. But that name has never stuck in the public imagination anyway. It's a really good question: What happens to our modern skyscrapers a century or two from now?

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