Gongol.com Archives: February 2017

Brian Gongol

February 23, 2017

News China will stop buying North Korea's coal

An effort to pressure the country into submission over nuclear weapons. May it work, for the good of us all.

Business and Finance A well-reported story on Warren Buffett's acquisition strategy

Rare is the financial reporter who actually understands the Buffett process. It's worth reading.

Iowa Truck platoons could hit Highway 20 in Iowa this year

Cooperative cruise control (involving trucks communicating with one another) could be a reality in Iowa by the end of the year

Business and Finance Hyped-up immigration crackdowns could hurt the US housing market

It's not just a matter of whether law enforcement only actually prosecutes people here without proper documentation -- if they create a sufficient amount of insecurity and uncertainty among people who immigrated here legally that they are starved of the confidence they need to make long-term decisions (like buying homes), then the waves of homeowners looking to exit the market (like, say, Baby Boomers hoping to down-size) may find themselves losing a very ready set of buyers. At the margins (where prices are decided), immigrants have a huge impact on the housing market.

News France's runoff system for electing a president shows how the system determines the outcomes

America's first-past-the-post system works rather differently, with dramatically different outcomes

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