Gongol.com Archives: February 2017

Brian Gongol

February 24, 2017

Business and Finance What do we want? Sustained 3% annual real GDP growth!

When do we want it? As soon as we get the productivity growth rates that would consistently make that kind of increase in real output possible! (It's not very catchy, but it's true.)

The United States of America The left discovers Federalism

Better late than never

Business and Finance The Smoot-Hawley tariffs didn't cause the Great Depression...

...but they did make it a whole lot worse. We should never retreat into mindless protectionism again.

News How generals are defending civilian government

With career military men in charge of the Defense Department, Homeland Security, and (naturally) the Joint Chiefs of Staff, we would normally be in a condition that ought to give people alarm: Civilian control of the government and oversight of the military ought to be a priority. But with a wildly inexperienced White House in charge, the sober words of experience and temperance are coming from the men who have spent a lifetime sworn to defend the Constitution. The President seems sufficiently impressed by their credentials to offer them deference he doesn't seem to show anyone else.

News American conference attendees duped into waving Russian flags

If you're sufficiently enthusiastic about politics that you'll show up at a "Conservative Political Action Conference", it ought to be pretty embarrassing that you could be taken by a practical joke that involved you waving a Russian flag. Basic familiarity with the symbols of one of our most important geopolitical adversaries ought to be required of anyone willing to so vigorously espouse a political opinion.

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