Gongol.com Archives: May 2017

Brian Gongol

May 16, 2017

News Norway overcomes the trouble of low oil prices

Oil and gas are obviously hugely influential to the Norwegian economy, but they're fortunate to have diversified away from a purely extraction-based economy.

Threats and Hazards A future fighting Russia's "little green men"

We're a long, long way away from the days of trench warfare

News China's public diplomacy is on the rise and needs a rival

China is using "Confucius Institutes" to launch public diplomacy all over the world tied to their "Belt and Road" project -- an official says, "Confucius Institutes have been launched in 51 of the 65 countries linked to the initiative's two main routes". It's entirely their right to do so, but it should also be a substantial warning to the United States that now is not the time to back down from the world stage, but rather time to step up our own public-diplomacy efforts.

Business and Finance Increasing automation is going to hurt smaller communities hardest

The general thesis: Big cities have specialists, and their jobs are hard to automate. Small cities have lots of generalists, and their jobs are much easier to automate. This thesis is worth much more examination.

News Slavery in the modern day

The Atlantic Monthly cover story "My Family's Slave" is positively riveting

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