Gongol.com Archives: June 2017

Brian Gongol

June 14, 2017

News US Senate approves new sanctions on Russia

And appears to seek new ways to constrain the President along the way

News Apocalyptic fire at a UK housing tower

Shocking images of a tall building completely engulfed in flames

News "The average rent in Oakland now is $2,400 a month"

The shortage of housing in the San Francisco Bay area is apparently at titanic proportions. KGO quotes a housing official as saying there have been 500,000 new jobs created and only 50,000 new housing units built in the last half-decade. The resulting shortage appears to be creating strain all over the place, including among senior citizens who now can't afford housing. The fact that sufficient new housing hasn't been produced when demand should be somewhere on the scale of ten times new supply suggests that some kind of regulatory or resource constraint is creating a massive chokepoint. And, when in doubt, assume that developers will find a way to overcome the resource constraint (like available land) with money (like building taller towers), so there's a pretty good chance you're looking at a regulatory choke.

Computers and the Internet Lawsuit result could categorize LinkedIn as a "work environment"

Such a definition might subject it to a giant wave of new internal and external restrictions and policies

Computers and the Internet "Tweet logorrhea does not reflect a well-thought-out strategy"

The President loves using Twitter...but it's massively against his best interests, at least from a legal standpoint

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