Gongol.com Archives: June 2017

Brian Gongol

June 18, 2017

Agriculture Tough times in an economic sector lead to consolidation

And with times being tough in farming right now, expect to see more consolidation in agriculture

Threats and Hazards Chair of national Libertarian Party says "smash the state"

That's anarchism, not libertarianism. If your first belief is in the preservation of natural liberties, then some form of government is necessary. Coercion will exist with or without government power, so the only way to preserve liberties is to make sure that some form of coercive power is held by a government subject to rules, so that it can in turn prevent private individuals from coercing or oppressing others. You can't "smash the state" like an anarchist and effectively preserve liberty.

News Concerted effort to raise college education rates among American Indians works

It's no small matter to raise the percentage of degree-earners among an entire population -- particularly one with extremely high poverty rates

Business and Finance Gordman's is being liquidated in a hurry

Just one example of trials (among many) in retail

Science and Technology How automatic emergency braking could be an anti-terrorism tool

It already makes sense to implement "guardian angel" technologies on behalf of ordinary drivers and passengers on the roads -- but it also could serve to prevent the use of heavy vehicles as weapons against crowds of pedestrians