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Brian Gongol

June 22, 2017

Threats and Hazards The cost of bluffing

The President of the United States (whomever that may be) needs to be a person with credibility. When a President is caught bluffing (as when President Obama backtracked repeatedly on his "red lines" over incidents in Syria and Ukraine, or when President Trump admits he doesn't have tapes of his meetings with James Comey), that undermines the security of the nation. The words of our chief executive need to mean something so that we don't always have to back them with force.

Threats and Hazards Experts review the Philando Castile shooting

Every police-involved shooting death really should be submitted to independent review, just like we do for plane crashes and train incidents via the NTSB. The reviewing body doesn't even have to be empowered to punish anyone -- but we do need to get a close look at exactly why individuals die during encounters with officers of the peace. If doctors and surgeons have to submit to morbidity and mortality reviews as a means of learning how to do a better and safer job in the future, shouldn't police departments submit their own incidents for the same kind of clear-headed review? Again, it doesn't even have to be punitive to be useful.

Science and Technology What are the odds your job will be automated?

A really fascinating tool for seeing which jobs are at highest risk. Automation is vastly more destructive to jobs than trade, but trade gets all the bad press. (But automation and trade also help to create new and better jobs -- in accounting terms, they destroy in gross but create on net.)

News No need for a trade war

The White House needs to back off its threats of trade wars. That behavior is very bad for the economy.

Computers and the Internet Another way cybercriminals can get you

A take on the "man in the middle" attack that could crack even conscientious computer users

The United States of America One-paragraph book review: "The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge"

An overlooked gem in American political biography

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