Gongol.com Archives: July 2017

Brian Gongol

July 31, 2017

Business and Finance When the President damages the dollar

Political risk has a real cost, even if people don't realize it

News Remembering the I-35W disaster

The 10-year anniversary should serve as a reminder of just how badly we tend to neglect our infrastructure: How much did people all over the country care about dangerous neglect in the immediate aftermath, then cease to care later even though nothing really had been done?

Threats and Hazards Children traumatized by life under ISIS

They deserve a better world than what they've been given

Science and Technology How Alphabet wants to try storing energy

The Google parent company has obvious reasons to want to capture and store energy on the cheap

Science and Technology The Tesla Model 3 is almost here

And it goes farther on a single charge than people might have expected

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