Gongol.com Archives: August 2018

Brian Gongol

August 13, 2018

Socialism Doesn't Work America needs two sane parties, and this isn't the way to get there

Gallup reports that 47% of Democrats now view capitalism positively, versus 57% who view socialism positively. That's a recipe for disaster -- a ten-point drop in capitalism's "favorables" in just two years. "Small business" has incredible favorables among the population at large (92%), but that too often translates only into lip service instead of truly responsive policy-making.

Threats and Hazards Is China's place in the Pacific truly ascendant?

And is China's rise irreversible? In a very interesting piece, Hal Brands argues: "[I]t would also be dangerous for U.S. and allied leaders to accept the thesis that China is destined to dominate the region and simply give up on countering Beijing’s ambitions."

News Fugitive strips while on the lam -- in an Iowa cornfield

Running through corn fields in Iowa in August without clothing: Not recommended.

Broadcasting Tom Skilling: 40 years in the same job

If you're going to do television weather in one of the nation's largest markets, Chicago has to be the most interesting pick

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