Gongol.com Archives: November 2018

Brian Gongol

November 27, 2018

Threats and Hazards Justice is blind, but the President's assets aren't

The President tweeted threats at General Motors, and the stock plunged. This kind of behavior would be a problem, even if the President held all of his assets in a blind trust...but we don't even have that much reassurance. How do we know this kind of stock-moving behavior isn't being exploited by people in the President's orbit? It has been clear since before he became President: (1) He likes to attack individual companies in public; (2) He knows his behavior moves markets; (3) His assets are not held in a blind trust and there is little or no transparency about Trump family finances.

Threats and Hazards China's ambassador threatens US over Uighurs

If the US imposes sanctions on China for its apparent imprisonment of a million ethnic minorities, China will "have to retaliate", says their ambassador to the US.

Business and Finance United Technologies completes acquisition of Rockwell Collins, then immediately announces a three-way breakup plan

Not so "united" for long. The company owning the old Rockwell and continuing to own Pratt and Whitney will keep the UTC name. Carrier will become a separate company, as will Otis.

Agriculture Ted Turner is still buying ranches in Nebraska

He's up to more than 506,000 acres of ranch land in the state, and about two million acres nationwide. That's a giant landholding.

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