Gongol.com Archives: January 2019

Brian Gongol

January 27, 2019

News Holocaust Memorial Day

A reminder that genocides haven't been vanquished, and that indifference to the suffering of other people is never benign.

Computers and the Internet Dear Unicode: We need a NATO flag emoji

As symbolic displays go, this is one a person can definitely get behind.

News Peggy Noonan laments the decline of local newspapers

The loss of a permanent sense of local "place" is an important point, and it's a big part of Ben Sasse's valuable book "Them". For 85 years, we Americans have been teaching ourselves to think that everything important is done at the national level, and that's had unintended consequences -- not least of which is a hollowing-out of our interest and investment in how we manage ourselves close to home.

Broadcasting Children's television programs, ranked

(1) Sesame Street; (2) Super Why; (3) Curious George; (4) Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood; (5) Little Baby Bum. And basically everything else is just miserable garbage designed to sell junk or induce vomiting in adults.

Health Cold-weather safety tip: Check your CO monitors

Carbon-monoxide detection is a must wherever anything is combusted indoors (or near indoors) -- natural gas, LP, wood, gasoline, diesel, or otherwise

Iowa Winter brings a snow/freezing rain combo to Des Moines

It's like seven-layer salad, but for winter precipitation. Iowa's frequently-appalling weather is our secret weapon in keeping out the riffraff.

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