Gongol.com Archives: February 2019

Brian Gongol

February 25, 2019

The United States of America Atomic centrism

A name for those who believe in the primacy of a central set of rules, norms, and principles around which people of different ideologies and policy preferences can orbit (like electrons bound to a nucleus).

Threats and Hazards Shocking, but not surprising

The immediate past Federal Reserve chair doesn't think the President understands the Fed's impact on the economy

Weather and Disasters Clear a path to your fire hydrant

A wintertime responsibility to one's neighborhood that many people probably don't realize is on their shoulders.

News Cell service has gone 4G. Should war?

Definitely worth reading: "Social media marketing professionals, consumer psychologists, economists and bankers, may all need to become fourth-generation warriors in the fourth generation of warfare."

Iowa Boondocks truck stop will re-open with an Indian restaurant

An unexpected dining option along a thinly-populated stretch of I-35

News Your policies don't matter

The policy proposals of the (seemingly) 15,000 people running for President right now don't amount to a hill of beans. What ultimately matters is whether we elect a President with sound judgment, curiosity, humility, and an even temper. Someone who can handle the unexpected. That's being put on full display this week, as the unexpected pops up everywhere.

Weather and Disasters Re-opening I-35 took interstate cooperation

Iowa and Minnesota had to work out the schedule to re-open so that neither state got hit with a slug of traffic before they were ready

Threats and Hazards "I would maybe think twice [about] what I would tell her"

A daughter of Vladimir Putin's spokesperson works in the European Union parliament. Can we talk about opsec for a minute?

Humor and Good News Public transit textile patterns: Who's picking these things?

A really deep dive into something that's not particularly important. But interesting anyway.

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