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Brian Gongol

March 13, 2019

Weather and Disasters What makes a massive pressure drop a "bomb cyclone"?

They don't usually happen over land like this

Weather and Disasters One giant cyclone over the mid-section of the country

Watch the center of a low pressure system drop about 30 mb in 24 hours. It's like an atmospheric limbo contest, and the winner is a low-pressure center at 968 mb. And that low low brought about some really high winds -- like a 96-mph wind gust at the Colorado Springs airport. But there are some feel-good stories to emerge from this winter, including a full-sized, dimensionally accurate '67 Ford Mustang built of snow.

Weather and Disasters A flash-flood warning covering about 1/8th of a state

Nebraska is under a lot of weather right now. And that's after getting a massive round of fog.

News The real college scandal is in pricing qualified candidates out of the system

One might think there's room for something midway between the "all-inclusive resort" model and the airline-style, "pay for every incremental feature" model. And, for sure, it would be good for America to find it.

Iowa Iowa farmland values slip

A real-estate industry group says farmland values fell by an average of 2.7% last year -- saying "Negative factors include trade uncertainty, [and] decreasing levels of working capital". Words have consequences, and the consequences of the President's words on trade have highly tangible consequences.

Computers and the Internet Facebook outage drives many crazy

It may be just the Q1 GDP growth booster we needed.

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