Gongol.com Archives: June 2019

Brian Gongol

June 26, 2019

News Smoke-filled rooms, now on Twitter

The election will be decided on the secret Slack channel reserved exclusively for Iowans. We're all on there every Tuesday and Thursday night.

News Have a policy, not a sound bite

Kevin Baron: "Americans want less war. And soft-power funding helped win the Cold War. But it remains woefully short, and forever will until a president puts forth a bold funding boost with a genuine plan to recruit, staff, organize around new bold policies to use that money wisely"

Aviation News Electric airplanes really are coming

Yes, please. Now on display at the Paris Air Show.

News A one-word answer to our biggest threat?

Chuck Todd's question at the Democratic Presidential debate was a profoundly unserious way to address an existential matter. Most of the problems alone take more than one word to describe, much less what it takes to tell why, or how they should be addressed, or what trade-offs are involved.

Humor and Good News I can see your Fahrvergnugen

Surely there's a German word for "distracting other drivers through naked scooter riding".

Aviation News Boeing uses employee parking lots for overflow 737 space

Wait...what kinds of vehicles do they expect their employees to be driving that the pavement would already be thick enough for this? Boeing says the zero-fuel weight of the smallest 737 Max is 128,600 lbs.

Health A no-brainer: Protect brains

Extended netting at baseball games shouldn't be a tough choice. Do it in all the ballparks.

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