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Brian Gongol

July 10, 2019

News Which Ross Perot are we supposed to remember?

It's possible to envy Ross Perot (1982), to loathe Ross Perot (1992), to have no informed opinion whatsoever on Ross Perot (2002), and to respect Ross Perot (2012). But it's often hard to say that, as our opinions on people become fixed in time like a mosquito trapped in amber. As hard as it may be, it's worth trying. Each of us lives a single existence, linear in time. But to the world, we are infinite slices of parallel beings. Only one Ross Perot has passed. But uncounted Ross Perots are being remembered.

Humor and Good News The brain zooms

The very first time you hear this phrase and connect it to caffeine, you'll probably get it

Threats and Hazards Chinese influence in South America: Yes, really

The head of US Southern Command "told the Senate Armed Services Committee's Emerging Threats subcommittee that China is only going to increase its efforts to live 'inside our own neighborhood seeking to displace the United States as the partner of choice'". Mind your community, or someone else might.

Weather and Disasters New Orleans area gets 7" of rain

Putting stress on a levee system already being challenged by an abnormally high Mississippi River. A tropical storm is coming.

Threats and Hazards A real-life totalitarian nightmare

(Video) Should you watch all 9 minutes of this report from The Economist on the appalling treatment of the people of Xinjiang? Yes. But if nothing else, jump to 5:48 and listen to how China spies on people inside their own homes.

The United States of America "The Conservative Sensibility"

An interview with George Will about his new book

Threats and Hazards Has your member of Congress read the Mueller Report?

Politico asked, and a bunch of legislators admitted they haven't read it. Some haven't even tried. It's hard to believe any of them should be paid for their work.

Humor and Good News Sharkysharky?

What on Earth caused Google's spellchecker to suggest that made-up word when "surveillance" was what was typed in?

Computers and the Internet Standards still matter

Ever since Google shut down Google Reader, all faith should be lost that the FAANG companies would ever go back to supporting broad-based, open standards (like RSS). In a parallel universe, open standards are allowing small businesses to do things like post a simple file somewhere on their website (not unlike robots.txt or favicon.ico) with key identifying information and basic details like hours of operation. Without consistent open standards supported by big players, instead, business operators have to spend all their godforsaken "Internet marketing" time running around updating things uniquely for every "walled garden" on the Internet, and consumers cannot consistently trust any of it.

The United States of America Parachute wedding dress loaned to Fort Bragg museum

A bride is lending her wedding dress, made of her husband's WWII parachute, to the 82nd Airborne Museum -- but reserves the right to let her great-granddaughters wear it if they want.

The American Way Private property is a bulwark for personal liberty

And that's the correct order for those priorities: Liberty for the individual first, secured by private property. As Margaret Thatcher said, "I passionately believe that private property should be spread as widely as possible, as a bulwark for the liberty and independence of the people, and to enhance a sense of responsibility to future generations."

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