Gongol.com Archives: July 2019

Brian Gongol

July 11, 2019

News Who is (or might be) America's Macron?

If the old two-party, two-ideology system has truly been replaced with a four-way split (among nationalists, socialists, the center-right, and the center-left), then who's going to make the case for a centrist bloc?

News Immigration raids to begin Sunday

So reports the New York Times.

Weather and Disasters Slow-moving flood works its way across central Nebraska

Portions of the Wood River basin got 9" of rain on Monday and Monday night. The water is moving in a slug that passes town-by-town through the river.

Humor and Good News America's greatest deficit

Sure, the Federal budget deficit is distressing. But is it anything compared to our deficit in power ballads? Related: The most useful YouTube comment ever.

News The most inexplicable traffic stop ever

A stolen vehicle, a rattlesnake, an open bottle of whiskey, a gun...and some uranium that nobody seems to be able to explain. Oklahoma, you've really set a new bar.

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