Gongol.com Archives: July 2019

Brian Gongol

July 12, 2019

Iowa Air conditioning isn't going to be the end of us all

Home heating accounts for vastly more BTU consumption than air conditioning in America. But if you live in Iowa, you can assuage about 99.9% of any guilt you might feel about using electricity (including for air conditioning), because MidAmerican Energy is pushing hard into the production of electricity from renewable sources. Or at least 51.4% of that guilt, for now. So when we're running the A/C, we're really just taking hot blowing air from outside and converting it to cool blowing air inside.

Computers and the Internet Facebook Libra: Another cryptocurrency we probably don't need

Pretty clear that an organization with enough hubris to try to launch its own currency doesn't really have a lot of time for the public good.

News Nobody did the reading

Robert Mueller's testimony to Congress is going to be delayed because, in effect, Congress hasn't done its homework and isn't prepared yet. Per the Washington Post: "Mueller will testify for three hours -- an extra hour -- before the Judiciary panel and then give testimony to the Intelligence Committee for two hours."

Broadcasting It took 22 years for The Verve to get paid for "Bitter Sweet Symphony"

The Rolling Stones got all the credit until finally relinquishing the rights

News Amazon's DC-area HQ2 looks...ordinary

Ordinary in the contemporary "let's put a random adornment on the exterior that makes it look slightly ragged" sense. What's missing from modern architecture? Architectural setbacks. Like, honest-to-goodness Chrysler Building-style setbacks.