Gongol.com Archives: July 2019

Brian Gongol

July 31, 2019

News A little modesty is in order

If the case for your Presidential candidacy starts with "President Trump is dangerous and has too much power" and ends with "Vote for me so I can make dramatic policy changes", then James Madison would like a word with you. It remains true that Presidential debates should be replaced with timed writing tests. Essay questions, composition books, and a #2 pencil. No advisors. No Internet. Just you and your ability to explain yourself.

Weather and Disasters Four separate typhoons could develop in the western Pacific -- at once

One model shows it happening by August 3rd. Who needs science fiction when reality could be way more tumultuous than any movie script?

The United States of America At the 100th Meridian

There is a Canadian folk-rock song about the 100th Meridian, "where the Great Plains begin". But it's a conveniently accurate description -- even if there's reason to believe that the Great Plains are migrating eastward. It's funny how opinions differ so much on what constitutes the Midwest.

Threats and Hazards "Chinese forces massing on border" of Hong Kong

Nobody seems to be confirming the rumors officially, but that's of little comfort

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