Gongol.com Archives: August 2019

Brian Gongol

August 16, 2019

News Fake Democrat pulls wool over eyes of purported right-wingers

An entirely fair criticism across the spectrum. An idea should stand on its merits, or not. But it's not responsible to project the idea on some mythologized "other" and then cynically use that "other" like some kind of ventriloquist's dummy.

News Japan converts convenience stores to funeral parlors

Recommended reading: "Despite being a niche business, the remodeling of convenience stores into funeral parlors may have a strong future, experts say, given the tough business conditions facing convenience store operators." The much deeper story here, though, is about social isolation.

Humor and Good News Make the designated hitter a 2020 debate topic

Pete Buttigieg comes out against it -- which might be a stealth appeal to conservative intellectuals, who seem to have a soft spot for National League baseball

Computers and the Internet Device lock-in, thanks to iMessages

How a whole generation of young people might get trapped into using a single brand of phone.

Threats and Hazards Businesses in Hong Kong start looking for lifeboats

This rolling-back of global integration isn't going to end well. It's going to be costly in a whole lot of direct ways -- and much costlier in hidden and implicit ones.

Humor and Good News When you can't get enough of a chicken sandwich

(Video) A creative Alabaman literally sings the praises of a chicken sandwich. Stick around for the sandwich-wrapper tambourine break...