Gongol.com Archives: September 2019

Brian Gongol

September 9, 2019

News Sen. Kamala Harris talks sense on violence

She promises "independent investigations of police shootings" as a campaign plank. From a civil-libertarian point of view, an independent body for investigating shootings that involve law enforcement is a sound idea. Model it on the NTSB.

Science and Technology When the robots are helpful

You can vilify automation if you want, but there are places where the alternative means no service at all.

News What's happening with Brexit? Watch the Irish.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most important issue is how the Irish border is going to be handled. And that means the Irish media may be best-positioned to report on what's really happening in the UK.

Weather and Disasters Hurricane-force winds hit Canadian Maritimes

Ex-Hurricane Dorian left 80,000 customers without power in New Brunswick and more than 112,000 in the dark in Nova Scotia.

The United States of America A majority of Americans are members of religious communities

But that's actually an unusual circumstance across American history. Whether we're "more religious" or "less religious" depends on which cohort of predecessors you choose to count.

Weather and Disasters Typhoon pounds Korean Peninsula

Yonhap News Agency: "About 3,600 properties have been confirmed to be damaged due to the fifth-strongest winds ever recorded among the typhoons that have hit the peninsula."

Agriculture Chinese state media discourage pork consumption

Surely an unwelcome development in the eyes of Iowa Pork.

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