Gongol.com Archives: October 2019

Brian Gongol

October 18, 2019

Threats and Hazards People who are homeless in Los Angeles have come under attack

The Los Angeles Times reports that "In at least eight different incidents, flammable liquids or makeshift explosives have been lobbed at homeless people or their tents". People don't do this to other people. People do this to others whom they see as less than human. That's why it matters to think of others as individuals. Each person is just that -- a person, not a thing, and not just an item in a group that we might choose to treat differently because we have opinions of the group. And this is also why it matters that we don't use dehumanizing language -- language like the President uses all too often. Little things matter.

Computers and the Internet Is WhatsApp about to trigger a revolution?

American audiences are largely unfamiliar with the tool, but it has considerable reach overseas

News The burn of the spotlight

A great reminder that even when the world is watching someone far more than is healthy (as the world does with Britain's royal family), they still need people who can quietly ask "How are you doing?". Probably a good practice for all of us to ask others that question more often -- and to listen for the answers.

News Understatement of the week

Washington Post: "The 41-page report, which followed a seven-month investigation, concluded that pushing a suspect off a roof went against departmental policies governing the use of force and was generally a bad idea." This story, like so many others, is one of people pursuing ends as though they justify any cost.

Threats and Hazards The Enlightenment needs defenders

It's almost impossible to believe, but there's actual pushback against it today. In 2019.