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Brian Gongol

November 25, 2019

Business and Finance Let a creative market bloom

The market economy should blossom in many ways -- entrepreneurship, proprietor capitalism, publicly-traded firms, S-Corps, partnerships, ESOPs, and co-ops all among the many forms that firms should take. But one size simply does not fit all.

Business and Finance Schwab to acquire TD Ameritrade, and now Omaha wonders

This is why every conscientious municipality keeps a close eye on how well it's creating an environment that cultivates new business formation and growth. You never know when one of your major employers (even the homegrown ones) may go away.

Socialism Doesn't Work China's autocrats really thought Hong Kong was going to vote their way

In politics, as well as in markets, it's not so much the quality of the first round of information going out that matters. It's the feedback that really counts.

Science and Technology Tesla's truck has an odd look

One humorist on Twitter says it looks like "When you try to learn AutoCAD the night before your project is due." This thing is styled as if the designers were being held hostage inside a Dire Straits music video.

Aviation News Washington state tries taking lead on electric aircraft

The big selling point for electric aircraft really isn't environmental friendliness -- at least not to the end buyers. It's the potential to dramatically reduce maintenance costs. Motors have fewer moving parts than engines.

Iowa Mall of the Bluffs kicking out its tenants

A question: How much could the owners have done better to have softened rents to keep occupancy high?

Agriculture Harvest 2019 is a wreck in North Dakota

Major crops like corn are incredibly far behind schedule

Computers and the Internet Social media doesn't have to be a terrible experience

Anyone who complains about how "awful" their experience is on Twitter, for example, could make their experience vastly better by using lists and scrolling through them on Tweetdeck instead. That's how you concentrate goodness.

Threats and Hazards Tucker Carlson can't even side with freedom

In saying he's siding with the Russians over their invasion of Ukraine, he ought to feel welcome to self-deport. The flippant nihilism of it all should disgust everyone who isn't already a stark raving loon. He really should wear a scarlet letter for this kind of stupidity, now and for the rest of his days.

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