Gongol.com Archives: December 2019

Brian Gongol

December 5, 2019

News "[T]oday I am asking our chairmen to proceed with articles of impeachment"

The Speaker of the House says the President "abused his power for his own personal political benefit". This is a historic event, though not for good reasons.

News Mail truck catches fire at I-80 truck stop

Needless to say, Mr. McFeely's time trials came to a disappointing conclusion.

News A compensation package to behold

The next head of Nebraska's state university system starts with a base pay of $934,000 a year, plus a slew of perks, substantial bonus opportunities, free housing and country-club membership, and a big salary deferral that pays off if he stays in the job.

Threats and Hazards Hundreds of girls and women sold into slavery in China

Some corrective framing to the original headline ("More than 600 Pakistani girls and women were sold as brides in China, but diplomatic ties threaten investigation") is in order. Make the headline about something esoteric like diplomacy and readers probably won't care. Make it about people and perhaps they will. What is taking place is an abomination, but it's an abomination because of the slavery -- not because of the diplomacy. And "sold as brides" is unfair: If a person was "sold", that person is a slave, not a "bride".

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