Gongol.com Archives: December 2019

Brian Gongol

December 24, 2019

News Refugee doctor proves a necessary point

Refugees aren't helpless. They're just people -- with skills and talents, just like everyone else -- who have been forced out of their homes. If only we could correct the narrative here in the United States and resume seeing them for who they are.

Health Five airports may have been sites of measles transmissions in December

O'Hare, Richmond, Austin, DIA, and LAX may all have been sites where infected travelers passed through

Threats and Hazards CIA undermined a vaccination campaign to hunt for Bin Laden

Credibility is difficult to measure, unbelievably fragile, and almost unfathomably valuable.

News Not everyone finds joy in the holidays

And the rest of us should be sensitive to that reality, and listen to others

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