Gongol.com Archives: January 2020

Brian Gongol

January 10, 2020

News Should single-family housing be a zone?

A bill introduced in the Nebraska legislature would prohibit zoning ordinances in cities of 5,000 people or larger from restricting any residential zone to single-family houses. Most interesting. A well-varied housing stock seems to be one of the essential answers to making sure housing is generally affordable. It's probably good for the character of most communities, too.

Computers and the Internet Twitter's advice: "Don't drink and Tweet"

As though sobriety were a hallmark of Twitter content

Humor and Good News Finnish herders put reflective paint on reindeer antlers

Makes them easier for motorists to see at night. Now come to Iowa and paint the deer. Please?

Health Nature, you really hosed us

Evolution really dropped the ball when it gave us back hair that keeps growing instead of teeth that could regenerate.

Business and Finance When the popular press screams "No stopping the stock market now"...

...you should probably assume it's a bubble about to burst. When the echo chamber gets going on a narrative that "You won't believe how much the stock market is ready to explode", it's probably on the verge of a correction.

The United States of America Who speaks for Americans?

To the outsider, Maclean's has long seemed like a sort of de facto voice of what Canada as a whole is thinking. That's probably an exaggeration of its role, but it's a little weird that we don't have similar editorial voices in the US -- especially regional ones. Why isn't there a strong "Centralist" magazine? Why are even the super-regional newspapers still massively provincial?