Gongol.com Archives: January 2020

Brian Gongol

January 29, 2020

News What should worry the Democratic Party today

Democrats should worry about just how much their condition today looks like the Republicans' circumstances in 2016.

Health China's government has earned no trust

Without a reservoir of trust that could make them credible, it's going to be much harder to fight the menace of coronavirus. Ideally, government is both democratically accountable and legitimate in the eyes of the people. Legitimacy is earned by getting the job done. When a crisis occurs and a government is found to be neither...buckle up.

Broadcasting What if AM radio goes all-digital?

One opponent observes: "Analog AM receivers are among the most simple of devices to build. In a major disaster a person with the knowledge of how to do so, can build a receiver literally out of debris, and remain in contact with the outside world."

Humor and Good News How to salvage a bread heel

Kids (and let's admit it: most adults) don't usually like the end slices of a loaf of bread. But if you invert them and use the internal faces as the outside faces of a sandwich, you can heal the heel.

Humor and Good News Olive oil: It's just a type of fruit juice

Bet you hadn't thought of it that way before

Humor and Good News Some things are just too aesthetically pleasing not to share

Like Art Deco lighting

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