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Brian Gongol

February 3, 2020

The United States of America If they can fire you, then you're not their boss

At the State of the Union Address, the spotlight may be on the President, but it's Congress that's supposed to be in the first chair.

Broadcasting Podcast: "Caucus Eve in Iowa"

It's Caucus Eve in Iowa, and we've already celebrated with our traditional dinner of pork chops and corn syrup. This is going to be a big week for news. But is it going to be a good one for the Constitution?

News Illinois sells $40 million in first month of legalized marijuana

In a state of about 13 million people, that's a little over $3 per capita. So, definitely not teetotalers -- but not quite Cheech and Chong, either. In-staters bought 78% of the weed -- out-of-staters purchased the other 22%.

Health Macau's casinos to close for half a month

You don't shut down a critical industry for weeks at a time unless the situation is dire. Yet that's what China is doing in response to the spread of coronoavirus. Revealed preferences writ not just large, but huge.

Iowa Who's eligible to vote in the Iowa caucuses?

Iowa's caucuses are closed, but voters can change registration on-site -- which explains the big drop in independent voters around big Presidential contests. From 2000 to the present, independents have been the biggest voter bloc, with the Republican and Democratic parties each having taken turns in second place. One interesting data point: There were slightly fewer active voters in Iowa registered as of Feb. 2nd than as of Jan. 2nd.

The United States of America Teach your children well

George Will: "A rights-centered society, must, however, take seriously the fact that duties are not natural. They must be taught. Self-interest is common and steady; virtue is rare and unpredictable."

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