Gongol.com Archives: February 2020

Brian Gongol

February 6, 2020

The United States of America 90% of Americans are satisfied with their personal lives

So says the Gallup Poll, and it's grand news. It's a record high. The business titan David Sokol used the phrase "Pleased but not satisfied" (it's even the title of his book. Maybe the average American is "Satisfied but not (always) pleased".

Iowa After blasting Iowa, DNC chair backtracks on "Rachel Maddow Show"

And yet Tom Perez's original tweet slamming the caucuses -- making no distinction whatsoever about "individual precincts" and generally throwing Iowa under the bus -- remains up and unmodified. You don't fix this by clarifying yourself just to Rachel Maddow. Correct your own record.

Weather and Disasters Why is Cedar Rapids only as warm as Des Moines during May and June?

Cedar Rapids is ever-so-slightly north of Des Moines, so it's no surprise that the daily highs in Des Moines would typically be higher than those in Cedar Rapids. But something happens in the April-to-June period that eats up Des Moines's southern advantage. Maybe it's Crunchberry Day more often during that time of year. Or maybe it's just a difference in land cover.

Agriculture Cook beans, earn street cred

The USDA is looking for "citizen scientists" to help them figure out how to cook beans

Iowa Why would you leave a caucus before your vote is counted?

Iowa's Democratic caucus rules are a little arcane, but the idea of realignment actually gives some useful power to those who backed candidates who fell short. Once you're in the room, the marginal cost of sticking around to go with your second choice is a few minutes. At that point, it's crazy to just walk out -- at just the point when your vote has increased marginal value to whomever can win you over.

Socialism Doesn't Work A many-layered snapshot of dystopia

A propaganda banner strung out for all to see, someplace in China where the people are in lockdown over the coronavirus outbreak. The banner, says an interpreter, suggests that making babies is a perfectly good thing to do since China's one family, one child rule is no longer in effect.

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