Gongol.com Archives: February 2020

Brian Gongol

February 12, 2020

News Sen. Michael Bennet quits Presidential race

Sen. Bennet deserves credit for bringing a touch of Coolidgean humility to the 2020 race, while he was in it

Iowa Could Sinn Fein really have a place in the middle of Irish government?

In case you thought the horse-trading, coalition-building, and general electoral madness of things in the United States was wild, the coalition-building games being played in Ireland right now are something to behold

News Is Sen. Bernie Sanders the Trump of Democratic Party politics?

Worth reading from Reason: "The old model of two-party politics, with its indifference to individual political idiosyncrasies, left out many people and worldviews...Yet it's far from clear that the emerging model, with its bias toward fringe populism, is an improvement; indeed, it may be worse."

Science and Technology 3% of American adults think science has a "mostly negative" effect on society

And yet those 3% who say it's "mostly negative" still get to fly on airplanes, view weather forecasts, get prescription drugs, and type on the Internet, just like the rest of us. Freeloading jerks.

Business and Finance Sizeable inflation in China in January

There's no predicting the timing or triggers behind a recession. This kind of out-of-the-blue circumstance is a great example why. While it doesn't mean China is inevitably going to have a recession, it is a valid reminder that tough times can come out of nowhere.

The United States of America How to increase electoral diversity in a winner-take-all system

We really ought to consider adopting fusion voting in more places than we already do. There's no reason to use the law to preserve a two-party duospony on "purchasing" viable candidates.

Iowa We live in strange times

An Iowa House bill "prohibits an employer from requiring that an employee have a microchip or other device implanted or inserted in the employee's body." It probably deserves a real shot at becoming law.

Threats and Hazards What are the odds coronavirus topples China's Xi?

The odds are definitely non-zero. Some signs have appeared already that the economic impact is more than just a blip, and that's the aspect that seems most likely to trigger a big turn of events. Promises are being made and strange experiments are being tried to stop the disease from spreading. But who trusts the government there? Who could?

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