Gongol.com Archives: February 2020

Brian Gongol

February 29, 2020

Health The astonishing economic consequences of coronavirus

The Financial Times reports: "Based on migration data, ANZ said the Chinese economy was operating at 20 per cent capacity". That's a truly unbelievable figure. Manufacturing has collapsed, and everyone knows that's the lifeblood of China's economy.

Humor and Good News What's the best way to get fast-food fish?

Filet-O-Fish? LJS? Culver's? Arby's? It's the existential question posed every Lent.

Humor and Good News Dead Irish writers

If tasked to assign a belated playwright to the writers' room of a television show, never hesitate to send in James Joyce. He'd be amazing as a contributor to "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Health Surgeon General: Fight coronavirus by getting the flu shot

Worried about coronavirus? Then get the flu shot. Keeps your immune system strong enough to fight back if you need, and reduces the burden that might otherwise fall on the health system around you. The authorities don't want you hoarding masks, they want you washing your hands. The need for health-care workers to get priority on good-quality masks is obvious, but you know who else is going to need masks if this disease breaks through? Wastewater collection and treatment operators. Don't take infrastructure for granted.

Broadcasting Netflix now shares daily ratings

But where, oh where, did the five-star scale go? The company nixed it a long time ago, citing the behavior of most users, but for those who saw value in rating a "3" differently from a "5", the loss still seems pointless.

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