Gongol.com Archives: May 2020

Brian Gongol

May 15, 2020

Health Good initial results from a Covid-related vaccine

Preclinical trial (not yet in humans) shows effectiveness in keeping the viral load below detectable limits and preventing pneumonia

Weather and Disasters Ottumwa ties monthly record rainfall in one event

That's a significant event. There are at least a few such examples that have occurred across Iowa and the Midwest over the last few years that really ought to have us reconsidering what the worst-case scenarios for rainfall might be.

Humor and Good News What makes "Interstate Love Song" great

A fascinating, fine-grained analysis of one of the best rock songs of all time

Humor and Good News The Viking Kittens

(Video) A classic among ridiculous low-fi web videos. Everyone should see it at least once.

Business and Finance McDonald's turns 80

And thus was born one of America's greatest real-estate empires. You didn't think they were really in it for the hamburgers, did you?

News Space Force flag is unveiled

It's lunacy that we have a Space Force but not a Cyber Force. Space fits neatly within an existing branch. Cyber is its own domain, and requires its own rules of engagement, service academy, and systemic accountability for results.

Humor and Good News It's official: "Mary Poppins" has redeeming educational value

Specifically, as a security lesson. Mr. Banks really screwed up when he tore up the children's nanny ad and let it fly.

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