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Brian Gongol

May 21, 2020

Business and Finance Bipartisan group in Senate backs $4,000 credit for skills training

Training opportunities and affordability were very important issues before Covid-19. Now they're absolutely critical. As one aspect of tackling a very large problem, this policy approach seems like a healthy place to start. America needs a revitalization in how we think about education and training; for instance, it might be smart if many or most graduates transitioned from HS into a two-year technical program of some sort (like trades, bookkeeping, or computer programming), and if many then went on to additional years of school to complete a bachelor's degree program. Moreover, we need to adopt (culturally, if not statutorily) an expectation of permanent continuing education. It's possible to do this affordably and flexibly (see the work of Western Governors University, and it's the only responsible way to ensure that we are able to afford the social safety net that the public demands. Skills stagnation is a giant problem that lurks beneath the economic surface.

News Pulling weeds

It's satisfying to pull weeds when they're large, but it's smarter to pull them when they're small.

News Literally, a baby left on the front porch

Safe-haven laws are so important...but so is making sure that people know about them. This baby is physically OK, but there's clearly a lot of emotional pain here for the mother, and the child will have needs in the future as well.

Threats and Hazards US to withdraw from Open Skies treaty

Taking verifiability out of the equation makes high-stakes arms races more dangerous

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