Gongol.com Archives: May 2020

Brian Gongol

May 29, 2020

News "Do you think the cop with his knee on George Floyd's neck thought of him as a neighbor?"

The perspective and attitude that Patrick Skinner brings to his work as a peace officer (and what he tells us about it) are consistently refreshing. There are too many people who look into the eyes of others and see things that don't belong there instead of the dignified humanity of others. No 7-year-old is deserving of hate. ■ Every individual is entitled to be treated with dignity. Every human life has equal value. These should not be contestable claims.

News How to be a better person

Easy steps for allies

Humor and Good News The bookiest bookshelf ever

Be right back -- gotta go order some new Billy bookcases from IKEA

News Soldiers at the altar, 1918

This colorization is done with great skill -- matched by an evident respect for the original.

Health Plastic shields for fine dining in semi-distant privacy

Some of us depend on nonverbal communication more than anything else, so those cones are going to need wider diameters

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