Gongol.com Archives: June 2020

Brian Gongol

June 8, 2020

Broadcasting Podcast: "News for Nerds"

Where did James Mattis have his letter published this week, and what does it have to do with the Capital Weather Gang?

Threats and Hazards Anti-bias trainer gets assaulted while trying to keep the peace

Derrick Sanderlin has worked for years trying to help the San Jose (Calif.) police to reduce implicit bias, but he ended up getting hit with rubber bullets fired by police after he tried to de-escalate a situation

Humor and Good News Canada: The best friends ever

Even if a country got to choose its neighbors, it couldn't choose better than Canada.

News "Black in the Ivory"

Reading the stories collected on Twitter under the #blackintheivory hashtag is really a great deal more educational than any dry research paper about a regression analysis on the same subject. Highly recommended browsing. (It's also a helpful source of Twitter accounts worth following.)

The United States of America Why Army bases shouldn't be named for Confederates

It's time to catch up with reality. Also: Now would be a good time to consider removing Woodrow Wilson's name from things, too.

Weather and Disasters Iowa makes the forecast track for a tropical depression

That's a new one. The swing from 90 degrees and sunny to a flash flood watch is going to hurt.

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