Gongol.com Archives: August 2020

Brian Gongol

August 1, 2020

The United States of America "A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder."

Sage words from Benjamin Franklin

Computers and the Internet President Trump says he wants to ban TikTok

A sensible technology user wouldn't touch TikTok with a 10-foot pole. Anyone in charge of any sizable institution should probably try to prohibit its use on any company-supplied devices. There's far too much to worry about with its close relationship to China's ruling party. But to decree that an app will be banned from use in the United States smacks a bit of the divine right of kings.

Humor and Good News We have a Ratt problem

Any television show that calls itself a comedy had better deliver at least one laugh as solid as the GEICO "Ratt Problem" commercial. Just one joke, with impeccable setup and timing.

Humor and Good News Economist puts cupcakes on the barbecue

Creative destruction meets creative convection

Humor and Good News Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day

On how many social-media platforms are you really active?

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