Gongol.com Archives: February 2021

Brian Gongol

February 14, 2021

Business and Finance Know your (economy's) worth

Warren Buffett once said, "There is next to nothing in business textbooks about valuing businesses. But making it look hard makes the high priests of finance get rich." That's what makes times like these a bit precarious -- the stock market is on fire, but it's very difficult to see whether it's been properly valued. The difference between value and price is what makes all the difference.

Humor and Good News Should houses come with "conversation pits"?

But where are the USB outlets so everyone can plug in their phones and ignore one another?

Weather and Disasters America takes a snow day

A new record for land area under winter storm warnings

Humor and Good News Everyone can use a good redemption story

How a woman turned herself around after being a teenage criminal who robbed her own family

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