Gongol.com Archives: March 2021

Brian Gongol

March 16, 2021

Threats and Hazards Utterly outrageous behavior by China's government

Foreign Policy reports on truly obscene policies in China -- like "...the 'Pair Up and Become Family' program, which has seen more than 1 million Han officials move in with minority families. A common scenario is a Uyghur family's father figure is detained while a Han man lives with the Uyghur woman and children."

Weather and Disasters A distant second to Chocolate Rain

Dust storms in the South carried particles into the atmosphere over the Midwest and resulted in "muddy rain" over Kansas and Nebraska

Humor and Good News A Taco Dome near every home

Until we can get "a taco truck on every corner", how about a Taco Dome near every home?

Socialism Doesn't Work When the opposition has been run out of town

Hong Kong no longer has opposition members in its governing legislature. Everyone who's left has passed a pro-Beijing litmus test. The world should be paying attention, but there's so much else going on that this really awful development may well escape the attention it deserves.

Humor and Good News Don't undercook your corned beef

If you're going to enjoy it on St. Patrick's Day, then start cooking it on St. Patrick's Day Eve.

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