Gongol.com Archives: June 2021

Brian Gongol

June 3, 2021

Socialism Doesn't Work Photos of Tiananmen Square from 1989

Photos #16 and #17 in this series are particularly haunting.

Weather and Disasters A much-less-active-than-normal spring severe weather season

One of those rare times when being in the red on a weather map is a really good thing.

News Retired Army Lt. Col. gets mic cut as he describes history of Memorial Day

Barnard Kemter's microphone may have been cut in the moment at an Ohio Memorial Day ceremony, but his words are being amplified by the news coverage -- and that's a good thing. We can make our future better by choosing to study the full spectrum of our past.

Broadcasting Manuela Saragosa leaves BBC to do podcasts

Sign of the times: Highly-regarded BBC radio journalist leaving that august institution to become a podcast boss. She's not leaving for some fly-by-night operation -- it is the Financial Times, after all -- but talent like Saragosa doesn't move into a job with lower status. This reveals quite a lot about just how much the status of on-demand listening has risen: It now represents at least a lateral move (if not an upgrade) from working at the BBC World Service.

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