Gongol.com Archives: August 2023

Brian Gongol

August 3, 2023

Weather and Disasters Tiny satellites will help track tropical storm events

It's hard to think of a lot of disciplines where "more and better data" does a better job of creating a virtuous feedback loop than in weather forecasting.

Computers and the Internet Japanese finance ministry: That Twitter account isn't ours!

Verification is far more about the good of the platform than the good of the person verified

News When systems fail

A depressing but important examination of the process failures that led to a deadly hotel disaster in 1981

Computers and the Internet Classic computers

Let your eyes linger for just a moment on the third item in the price list for a 1977 Tandy Computer. That cassette tape recorder wasn't there to blast the Bee Gees. It's there for storage. If the stretch from this to a modern MicroSD card doesn't blow your mind just a little bit, you might just not be capable of wonder.

News Sheltered from what?

There's no perfect way to raise children, but trying to shelter them from any disagreeable views doesn't seem particularly productive