Future Scale

Brian Gongol

YearYears awayEventSourceDate of projection
2009-6Medical microrobots for human injection enter productionWired2007.01.18
2009-6First commercial spaceflight of the "Silver Dart"PlanetSpace2007.02.01
2009-6UK starts issuing biometric national identity cards to citizensUK Home Office2008.11
2009-6China becomes world's largest source of greenhouse gas emissionsNew York Times2006.11.06
2009-650th anniversary of Communist control in CubaCBS News 2007.07.26
2009-6Burj Dubai completed (originally scheduled for 2008)Gulf News2008.06.09
2010-5Google Chrome operating system releasedGoogle2009.07.07
2010-5Delta Air Lines expected to reach profitabilitySalt Lake Tribune2008.09.09
2010-5GM Volt (electric car) in productionGlobe and Mail2007.02.14
2010-5Mass production of 50%-efficient solar cellsUniversity of Delaware2007.07.23
2010-5Retirement of Space ShuttleUSA Today2005.08.08
2010-5Nissan begins production of electric carAutoWeek2008.03.10
2010-5Microsoft releases Windows 7Engadget2008.03.13
2010-5Florida surpasses New York as third-largest state in the USOrlando Business Journal2007.11.19
2010-5Vancouver Winter OlympicsInternational Olympic Committee2007.08.09
2010-5GE Ecomagination products and services reach $20 billion in salesGE2007.05.24
2010-5First deliveries of HondaJet (8-passenger air taxi)Honda2007.06.27
2010-5Netherlands completes first residential area exclusively of amphibious housesDer Spiegel2005.09.26
2010-5Biofuels production causes decline in gas pricesDow Jones Newswires2007.07.30
2010-5Israel has a missile-defense shield in placeJerusalem Post2007.08.23
2010-5Chrysler introduces electric carDetroit News2008.09.23
2010-5Movie theaters installed at 300 gas stations in IndiaEconomic Times2007.09.21
2010-5Fully functional prosthetic arms that respond to direct neural controlDARPA2007.08.27
2010-5“Deep bleeder” cuff stops internal bleeding non-invasively using ultrasoundDiscover Magazine2008.10.02
2010-5$600 million, 984-foot tower in Mexico City is completedNew York Times2007.09.19
2011-4First private commercial spaceflight of "VSS Enterprise" (originally scheduled for 2009)Los Angeles Times2009.12.08
2011-4Katie Couric's contract to anchor CBS Evening News expiresBroadcasting and Cable2008.04.10
2011-4New safe containment structure completed at ChernobylGovernment Accountability Office2007.07
2011-44G cellular phone networks deployed in United StatesPC Magazine2007.06.20
2011-4O'Hare airport opens two additional runwaysCity of Chicago2007
2011-4Chicago Spire completed and opened to first occupantsThe Chicago Spire2007.09.19
2011-4US Air Force implements counter-anti-satellite systemAviation Week2008.03.16
2011-4Supercomputer built to reach 10 petaflopsNew York Times2007.08.06
2011-490% of retailers have in-store digital video displays (like Wal-Mart TV)Online Video Insider2007.09.17
2011-4300-megawatt solar thermal facility goes online in FloridaSt. Petersburg Times2007.09.27
2011-4Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan enter customs unionTempleton Thorp2007.10.08
2011-4US reuses 50% of coal combustion ashEnvironmental Protection Agency2006.09.29
2011-420th anniversary of Operation Desert StormNational Security Archive2001.01.17
2011-4US airliners equipped with real-time turbulence forecasts based on radarUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research2007.09.06
2011-4EPA requires all communities with combined sewers to implement corrective plansEnvironmental Protection Agency2006.09.29
2012-3XO-3 released by One Laptop Per Child campaignForbes2009.12.22
2012-3China completes construction of 42 high-speed (200 mph) rail linesRed Orbit2009.12.27
2012-3Mobile phone makers converge on common standard for phone chargersChicago Tribune2009.02.17
2012-3Mainstream adoption of universal online identity managersSXIP2007.08.13
2012-3NYC taxi fleet completely converted to hybrid enginesCity of New York2007.05.22
2012-3Regeneration of heart valves from the patient's own stem cellsThe Independent2007.09.03
2012-3US EPA requires 8% reduction in water impairments over 2002 levelsEnvironmental Protection Agency2006.09.29
2012-3260 million people use mobile online dating services worldwideWireless Week2007.09.17
2012-3First phase of Kyoto Protocol completeBBC News2007.08.27
2012-3London Summer OlympicsInternational Olympic Committee2007.08.09
2012-3Hugo Chavez's second term as Venezuelan president expiresCNN2009.02.03
2012-3First private hotel in space opens for touristsRTE News2007.08.10
2012-3Federal law mandates production of 1 billion gallons of biodiesel per yearBrownfield2007.12.20
2012-3Interactive environments reach photorealistic quality virtually indistinguishable from filmScienCentral2007.09.20
2012-3Bioengineered kidneys enter productionCharleston Regional Business Journal2006.08.21
2012-3Final year to collect $20 million in Google's Lunar X-Prize Google2007.09.13
2012-3Mitsubishi begins production of regional jetBusiness Week2008.03
2012-3Personal genome maps integrated into routine medical careUniversity of Alberta2007.09.20
2012-3Wireless e-mail reaches commodity statusTekrati2007.07.26
2013-2Second phase of Kyoto Protocol takes effectEconomic Times2009.12.28
2013-2Banana crops worldwide critically threatened by fungal diseaseThe Guardian2003.01.16
2013-2End of Hubble Space Telescope's useful lifeDiscovery Channel2007.12.21
2013-2US segment of NEPTUNE undersea monitoring network completedNational Geographic2007.08.27
2013-2ADS-B (advanced air traffic and weather detection for aircraft) ground infrastructure operating across USWashington Technology2007.09.17
2013-2NASA launches James Webb Space TelescopeNASA2007.08.23
2013-2Medicare becomes insolventSocial Security and Medicare Board of Trustees2008.03.25
2013-2All new cars in US required to have side-impact protection (air bags) to prevent head injuriesNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration2007.08.30
2013-2Best Buy reaches $80 billion in annual salesMinneapolis Star-Tribune2008.06.25
2014-1Sochi Winter OlympicsInternational Olympic Committee2007.08.09
2014-1Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Hyundai produce 5.6 million vehicles annually in USWard's AutoWorld2007.08.01
2014-1No Child Left Behind requires all students to test in reading and math at grade levelWashington Post2007.03.14
2014-1Ontario closes all coal-fired power plantsToronto Star2007.07.13
2014-1Worldwide temperatures average 0.5°F above 2004 temperaturesBBC News2007.08.09
2014-1Earliest date for Turkey to join the EUForbes2007.07.23
2014-125th anniversary of Tiananmen Square uprisingFrontline2006.04.11
2014-1All US residents have electronic medical recordsArs Technica2006.07.19
2014-1Panama Canal widening project completeThe Independent2007.09.03
20150Kenya obtains first malaria vaccineAllAfrica2010.04.26
20150Two million people die per year of preventable tuberculosisUN News Centre2011.03.24
20150Microsoft introduces successor to Xbox gaming consoleHTLounge.net2011.03.24
20150Genomes of stomach, breast, liver, mouth, brain, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers fully recordedBBC News2009.12.16
20150GE offers net-zero-energy homes to consumersCNet2009.07.14
20150Deaths outnumber births in EUInternational Herald Tribune2008.08.26
20150Common currency in place for several Persian Gulf nationsGulf News2007.10.02
2015055% of the area around Chernobyl allowed to return to useInternational Atomic Energy Agency2006
20150Canadian industrial air pollution cut by 50% over 2007 levelsEnvironment Canada2007.04.26
20150Mass production of self-driving carsPC Magazine2007.06.20
20150One-third of US combat vehicles are unmannedThe Guardian2007.08.18
20150Honda recycles 95% of used vehicle components in JapanHonda2005
20150Corn yields average 200 bushels per acre in USNational Corn Growers Association2007.03.01
20150Earliest projections for peak oil productionNational Petroleum Council2007.07.18
20150Medical spending on credit cards reaches $150 billion annuallyFort Wayne Journal Gazette2008.09.07
20150Iran has its first nuclear weaponWashington Post2005.08.02
20150Minnesota utilities required by law to get 15% of energy from renewable sourcesAustin Daily Herald2007.09.13
20150Prototype vertical farm completed in Dongtan, ChinaElectric New paper2008.11.25
20150Thin-film photovoltaics market reaches $7.2 billion (7 times larger than in 2007)Nanomarkets2007.08.06
2015022 cities around the world have more than 10 million inhabitantsDaily Telegraph2007.09.03
20150India becomes world's third-largest emitter of carbon dioxideInternational Energy Agency2007.11.07
20150China and Chile reach $60 billion in bilateral trade (double the 2011 amount)Reuters2012.06.26
20150Permanent sarcophagus over Chernobyl power plant completedBattelle2012.05.24
20150Production glut in solar panels levels out to match demandReuters2012.06.26
20150Federal Reserve considers raising interest rates above near-zeroMarketwatch2012.09.25
20161Auto sales in India reach 3,000,000 vehicles per yearBloomberg2007.05.03
20161Ultra-HDTV debutsPC Magazine2007.06.20
20161UK landfills fullThe Guardian2007.04.27
20161US Air Force uses 50% synthetic (non-petroleum) fuels for aircraftAir Force Times2007.07.23
20161Seniors (over 65) outnumber children (under 15) in South KoreaKorea Times2007.10.01
20161Energy production in British Columbia is carbon-neutralCBC2007.10.01
20172China allows Hong Kong to democratically elect its chief executiveSouth China Morning Post2007.12.21
20172Domestic robots express emotions and provide companionshipDaily Telegraph2007.02.18
20172Second Life exceeds size of the InternetThe Register2007.08.01
20172All Canadian border guards armed with gunsThe Economist2007.09.15
20172US produces 35 billion gallons of ethanol per yearNational Research Council2007.10.10
20172First "vertical farm" (skyscraper for hydroponic production) constructedPopular Science2007.07
20172US general aviation fleet exceeds 250,000 aircraftFAA2005
20172US commercial airlines fly 1.256 trillion passenger milesFAA2005
201725000 microjets in service in US airspaceFAA2005
20172GPS units become accurate to a matter of centimeters throughout the USNational Geodetic Survey2007.02.12
20183Stem cells routinely banked from extracted wisdom teethThe Telegraph2008.08.22
20183China's GDP exceeds US GDPThe Independent2009.10.07
20183Completion of modernization program at O'Hare airportFAA2005.10.30
20183US Air Force adds new long-range bomberGovernment Executive2007.06.13
20183US power plants reduce sulfur dioxide emisions by 73% over 2002 levelsWhite House2002.02.14
20183Annual costs of cybersecurity breaches exceed benefits of connectivityFortune2015.09.15
20194Medicare trust fund exhaustedSocial Security and Medicare Board of Trustees2007.04.23
20194Demonstration of commercial-scale nuclear hydrogen productionDepartment of Energy2005
20194Flexible OLED screens reach mass marketPC Magazine2007.06.20
20194Cumulative shortfall in US drinking-water infrastructure investment reaches $100 billionEnvironmental Protection Agency2006.09.29
20194Cumulative shortfall in US wastewater infrastructure investment reaches $120 billionEnvironmental Protection Agency2006.09.29
20205500,000 regular vehicles converted with hybrid-power retrofit kitsAutomotive World2011.10.13
20205China launches orbiting space stationThe Guardian2010.09.20
20205World "middle class" includes 3.2 billion peopleBrookings Institution2010.03.15
20205China has more than 200 million automobilesPeople's Daily2010.09.06
20205Qatar hosts World CupCBS News 2011.03.24
20205US has world's largest number of college graduates annuallyDeseret News2011.03.22
20205Four 1400-megawatt nuclear power plants completed for UAENew York Times2009.12.27
2020520% of all plastics in Japan come from renewable sourcesPlastics Today2009.10.04
2020575 million Africans suffer water shortages due to climate changeNature Reports2007.07
20205Solar energy industry employs 2 million AmericansNewsweek2007.10.08
2020520% of US teenagers are LatinosNational Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy2003.04
20205Turkey becomes largest country in EuropeThe Economist2007.03.15
20205All US aircraft equipped with ADS-B advanced air traffic and weather detection systemFAA2007.06.29
20205Self-piloted vehicles reach mainstreamChannel 42005.08.03
20205Texas has high-speed rail system linking Dallas, Houston, and San AntonioDaily Texan2009.02.02
20205Russia launches independent space stationDaily Tech2009.02.03
20205Maritime sector becomes largest source of major air pollutants in EuropeEU Commission2005.09.21
20205Scotland's population enters long-term declineGeneral Register Office for Scotland2005.10.20
20205UK builds 3 million additional homes over 2007 levelsLondon Evening Standard2007.09.14
20205China places a robotic rover on the moonBBC News2005.08.12
20205Substantially all US urban wastewater infrastructure built under Clean Water Act reaches end of useful lifeEnvironmental Protection Agency2006.09.29
20205NASA's Orion spacecraft carries out first manned trip to MoonNASA2007.08.08
20205Ireland gets 500 megawatts of electricity from wave powerThe Guardian2007.09.20
20205Australia begins withdrawing money from sovereign development fundANZ Investment Bank2007.06.27
20205Commercialization of vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cellsUS Department of Energy2005.12
20205All new homes in France are built to be energy self-sufficientAgence France-Presse2007.09.27
20205Launch date for asteroid interceptor with nuclear warheadsFlight International2007.08.03
20205Connecticut law requires 20% of all energy in state to come from renewable sourcesMass High Tech2009.02.03
20205China employs 7.7 million people in auto industryChina Economic Net2007.09.14
20205Germany gets 25% of its energy from renewable sourcesWashington Post2007.05.05
20205120 million passengers pass through Heathrow Airport every yearTimes of London2007.11.22
20205F-16 fighters reach end of useful life in USAFThe Hill2009.02.03
20205Britain has 195,000 residential wind turbines generating electricityDaily Telegraph2008.11.24
20205Coca-Cola invests $5 billion in product development and distribution in India (2012-2020)Bloomberg Businessweek2012.06.26
20205Peak US domestic oil outputReuters2012.06.25
20205North Dakota's population reaches 800,000 to accommodate oil boomJamestown (ND) Sun2012.09.25
20205China spends 2.5% of GDP on research and developmentMarketwatch2012.09.23
20205Summer Olympics in TokyoNBC Sports2015.09.18
20216China has 23 million single malesTexas A&M University2005.09
20216Iran sends its first astronaut to spaceThe National (Abu Dhabi)2009.02.04
20227India has 150 million skilled workersTimes of India2010.09.20
20227Annual increase in life expectancy exceeds 365 daysReason Magazine2007.07.27
20227Geni project creates alternative to conventional InternetThe Guardian2007.08.01
20227Federal law mandates production of 36 billion gallons of biofuels per yearFarmWeek2007.12.20
20227Ken Burns's contract with PBS goes up for renewalPBS2007.01.13
20238Australia raises pension-eligibility age to 67Herald Sun2009.12.28
20238US domestic oil reserves exhaustedNational Petroleum Council2007.07.18
20238Computers with equivalent to human brain capacity sell for $1,000The Guardian2003.09.23
20238Dutch company attempts to settle colonists on Mars for reality showSpace.com2012.06.26
20238First flight of new "Orion" manned spacecraftUSA Today2015.09.17
20249Universal access to basic sewage treatment in BrazilInternational Water and Sanitation Centre2006.02.07
20249US establishes permanent manned base on MoonCNN2006.12.05
202510US automotive fleets to meet mandatory average fuel economy of 54.5 miles per gallonSan Antonio Express-News2011.10.12
202510China puts an astronaut on the MoonThe Guardian2010.09.20
202510Kinshasa, Zaire, has world's largest single-city population of children under age 15Financial Times2011.03.24
202510Bridgeport, Connecticut, has highest US GDP per capitaSan Francisco Chronicle2011.03.24
202510Britain opens 250-mph rail line between London and West MidlandsBBC News2009.12.27
20251075% of obese people worldwide live in developing nationsThe East African2009.12.28
202510Mag-lev trains connect major cities in JapanEngadget2008.01.01
20251075% of Americans live in coastal countiesNOAA2000
202510Health care takes up 25% of US GDPWall Street Journal2008.11.24
202510India's population exceeds China'sUnited Nations Population Division2006
202510Minnesota utilities required by law to get 30% of energy from renewable sourcesAustin Daily Herald2007.09.13
20251025% of electricity in Minnesota comes from renewable sourcesWinona Daily News2008.09.07
202510US faces shortage of 500,000 registered nursesMuskogee (OK) Daily Phoenix2008.09.06
202510India becomes world's third-largest net importer of oilMeriNews2007.11.10
202510ESA conducts human mission to the MoonEuropean Space Agency2002.10.11
202510Two-thirds of world population faces water shortagesThe Futurist2007.07
202510One-third of people on Earth suffer water shortagesAlbany Times-Union2008.09.07
202510Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and sites found nationwide in the USUS Department of Energy2005.12
2025100.6% of adults in US infected with HIV/AIDSUnited Nations Population Division2006
202510End of first phase of four-team college football playoffESPN2012.06.27
202510World's tallest building reaches one mile highHouston Chronicle2012.09.25
202611Maximum expected life of original Chernobyl containment structureInternational Atomic Energy Agency2006
202611High-resolution recording of an individual's entire life experienceDaily Telegraph2006.12.13
202611Las Vegas metro population reaches 3.3 millionNevada State Demographer's Office2006.07
202712Oil prices reach $150 per barrelThe Independent2007.09.17
202712China's GDP exceeds US GDPThe Economist2007.06.28
202813Medicare and Medicaid consume 10% of US GDPCongressional Budget Office2007.07.25
202813Medicare expenditures exceed Social Security expendituresSocial Security and Medicare Board of Trustees2008.03.25
202914Dementia affects 1.4 million people in BritainTimes of London2009.02.04
202914Youngest Baby Boomers reach age 65US Census Bureau2006.01.03
202914Computers reach equivalency with human brain powerBBC News2008.02.16
203015World "middle class" includes 4.9 billion peopleBrookings Institution2010.03.15
203015Chinese global trade exceeds US global tradeBBC News2011.03.24
203015Brazil, Russia, India, and China account for half of world GDPXinhua2011.03.24
203015Coal accounts for 29% of world energy supplyThe Telegraph2009.12.27
203015Ratio of non-working pensioners to working taxpayers reaches 2:1 in CanadaCalgary Herald2009.12.27
203015Number of nuclear power plants worldwide reaches 860 (double the number in 2009)JoongAng Daily2009.12.28
203015World's urban population reaches one billionDaily Telegraph2009.12.28
203015350 million people worldwide have diabetesIndian Express2009.10.07
203015Wind provides 20% of US electricityMontana State University2008.10.14
20301580% of world's population lives in developing countriesUN Population Fund2007
203015Mormons make up less than 50% of Utah's populationSalt Lake Tribune2007.11.19
2030155 billion people live in cities worldwideInternational Herald Tribune2007.09.28
2030155 million Americans live in nursing homesChicago Tribune2007.11.18
203015Japan inaugurates manned moon baseDiscover Magazine2006.11.28
203015Thames Barrier effectiveness falls to half of design capacityUK Environment Agency2007
203015EU gets 50% of its natural gas from RussiaThe Economist2007.09.13
203015Photovoltaic solar energy is price-competitive with any other low-emissions generation technologyPhysOrg2005.11.16
203015Inter-city train service in UAE starts service in bid to discourage construction of skyscrapersGulf News2007.09.13
203015Florida's population reaches 28.6 millionOrlando Business Journal2007.11.19
203015Road traffic in Japan is 2.6% lower than in 2005 due to falling birthrates and rising agesJapan Times2008.11.27
20301565% of European energy comes from importsInternational Herald Tribune2007.09.19
203015US corn production averages 300 bushels per acreEthanol Producer2007.10
203015Ozone levels in low atmosphere cause widespread respiratory problemsInstitute of Physics2005.06.08
203015World oil demand exceeds 2008 levels by 35%Marketwatch2008.06.10
203015China has 270 million vehicles on the roadWired2007.11.07
203015California has high-speed rail system connecting San Francisco to Los AngelesCalifornia High-Speed Rail Authority2008.11
203015ESA conducts first human mission to MarsEuropean Space Agency2006.01.09
203015Global electricity demand is double that of 2009Gulf News2009.02.03
203015US inflation rate reaches 4% per yearNewsweek2007.09.24
203015Ratio of workers to retirees is 2:1 in EuropeEuropean Parliament2008.11.25
203015US electricity consumption 45% above 2005 levelsEnergy Information Administration2007.02
203015Russia has 40 more nuclear reactors than in 2007Radio Free Europe2007.09.29
203015China's per-capita emissions of carbon dioxide exceed those of western EuropeInternational Energy Agency2007.11.07
203015Jamaica achieves 'developed nation' statusGovernment of Jamaica2007.01
203015Fossil fuels provide 75% of world energyNational Petroleum Council2007.07.18
203015Biofuels supply 4% of world road fuelInternational Energy Agency2006
203015One-third of world relies on primary biofuels (like wood and charcoal) for most energyInternational Energy Agency2006
203015Internet access regularly reaches 50% of world populationThe Hindu2009.02.04
203015World oil demand reaches plateauStatoil2012.06.21
203015Death rates from cancer fall by almost 20% from 2010 levelsThe Independent2012.09.25
203015Cities occupy three times their land area in 2012Discovery News2012.09.24
203015More than half of the people in 39 states will be obeseFox News2012.09.18
203015Royal Dutch Shell begins offshore oil and gas drilling in the US ArcticThe Hill2015.09.18
203015California gets 50% of electricity from renewable sourcesScientific American2015.09.17
203015Europe gets 25% of electricity from wind powerClean Technica2015.09.16
203116100% of population growth in Canada comes from immigrationVancouver 242007.10.26
203116UK population rises to 71 millionOffice of National Statistics2007.10.23
20311634 million people live in Mumbai metro areaEconomic Times2007.09.28
203116Married adults a minority in EnglandThe Guardian2005.09.30
203217Shortages force per-capita water consumption in Sydney to fall by half of 2007 levelsDaily Telegraph2007.08.30
20321750th anniversary of EPCOT Center2719 Hyperion2007.07.24
203217Half of new cars in the US will be fully electricReuters2012.06.23
203318China's population reaches 1.5 billionThe Guardian2008.02.28
203520India has 373 million vehicles on the roadEconomic Times2009.12.28
203520EU population peaks at 521 millionInternational Herald Tribune2008.08.26
203520China reaches "large-scale utilization" of solar energyMeridian Institute2009.02.03
203621Average Australian baby weighs 10 pounds at birthNews.com.au2008.06.11
203621US telephone numbers exhaustedNorth American Numbering Plan Administration2006.10
203621Near-Earth passage of asteroid ApophisNASA JPL2006.10.19
203621Bacteriophages widely used to prevent food-borne infectionsABC News2006.11.02
204025US population reaches 400 millionUSA Today2007.09.12
204025Russia runs out of oil profitsRIA Novosti2008.06.03
204025Computer processors reach parity with human brain capacityMetro Halifax2009.02.03
204025Neurodegenerative conditions overtake cancer as world's leading cause of deathScience Daily2008.06.10
204025Middle class in southern and eastern Asia totals 2 billion peopleMotley Fool2007.10.25
204025HCFCs eliminated worldwide under Montreal ProtocolUnited Nations2007.09.13
204025California's population reaches 60 millionBrentwood Press2007.09.29
204025Global warming eliminates most Arctic sea iceNational Geographic2006.12.12
204025World oil production peaksTimes of London2009.02.03
204025Texas state population reaches 50 millionDaily Texan2009.02.02
204025Natural gas demand increases by 60% over 2012 levelsStatoil2012.06.21
204025Fossil fuels provide 73% of world energyStatoil2012.06.21
20402575% of cars will be self-pilotedForbes2012.09.25
204025Dallas and Austin recycle more than 80% of metropolitan solid wasteTexas Tribune2012.09.21
204025Average temperatures in California 4 to 5 degrees hotter than in 2015KPCC2015.09.14
204025Atlanta metro region has 8 million residentsAtlanta Business Chronicle2015.09.10
204025Reservoirs in Washington, DC metro could be over-stretched by demandNBC4 Washington2015.09.09
204126Social Security trust fund exhaustedSocial Security and Medicare Board of Trustees2008.03.25
204227United States has no racial majorityNPR2009.10.06
204530US Postal Service has $1 trillion in unfunded liabilities for health careMiami Herald2008.06.06
204530Global life expectancy reaches 75 yearsUnited Nations Population Division2006
204631Oldest Baby Boomers reach age 100US Census Bureau2006.01.03
20473225% of Australian population is over age 65Herald Sun2009.12.28
204732Hong Kong's status as special administrative region of China expiresHeritage Foundation2007
204833Ozone layer returns to pre-1980 levels over most of planetDaily Mail2010.09.20
204833India overtakes China as world's largest economy (with United States 3rd)Plastics and Rubber Weekly2012.09.17
204934China's national goal to become a world technological powerChinese Radio International2012.09.23
205035China and India represent 50% of world's "middle-class" consumptionBrookings Institution2010.03.15
205035Robots beat the best human soccer players in the worldThe Register2010.09.14
205035India's economy reaches third-largest in worldTimes of India2010.09.17
205035South Korea is fifth-largest producer of "green" energy productsJoongAng Daily2009.12.28
205035Half of people in developed nations are over age 40Daily Telegraph2008.11.27
205035100 million people worldwide have Alzheimer'sHartford Courant2008.09.07
205035India has 51 million people over age 80Times of India2007.09.30
20503550% of agricultural lands in Latin America lost to desertification and salinizationNature Reports2007.07
205035Biofuels account for 13% of liquid fuels in the USMIT Technology Review2007.09.13
205035Netherlands surrenders 222,000 acres of land to new river floodplainsNational Geographic2001.09.04
205035Russia's population falls below 100 millionRadio Free Europe2006.05.19
205035Minnesota utilities required by law to get 80% of energy from renewable sourcesAustin Daily Herald2007.09.13
205035Average age in European Union is 49European Parliament2008.11.25
205035One-third of EU residents are over age 65BBC News2007.09.13
20503520% of Americans are over age 65Washington Post2008.11.22
205035World population reaches 9.2 billionUnited Nations Population Division2006
20503548.3 million Americans have diabetesWISN-TV2008.10.14
205035Earliest expected date for the B-52 to be retired from the US Air ForceAir Force Link2007.10
205035China plans to gain 'electronic dominance' over rival nations, including the USTimes of London2007.09.08
205035Medicare and Medicaid consume 20% of US GDPCongressional Budget Office2007.07.25
205035Japan's population falls below 100 millionNew York Times2005.12.17
205035Two-thirds of all existing US structures less than 40 years oldLos Angeles Times2007.09.21
205035Antarctic ozone hole repairedBBC News2000.12.03
205035India's GDP exceeds US GDPThe Economist2007.06.28
205035Pensions absorb 25% of GDP in GreeceKathimerini2007.11.10
20503525% of US population is of Hispanic originUSDA2007.09.19
20503517% of world population will be over age 65US Census Bureau2012.06.27
205035Micro-manufacturing and artisan brands eclipse mainstream brand namesMarketing Magazine2012.09.20
205035Lab-grown organs found in widespread medical usePortland Business Journal2015.09.17
20503540% of people in Japan, South Korea, Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain are over age 60Bloomberg2015.09.08
205237Computers will express consciousness, feelings, and personalitiesCNet2012.09.21
206045Ocean acidification reduces Maine's shellfish harvest by 25% over early-2000s levelsMaineBiz2009.10.05
206045Irish population exceeds pre-famine levelsIrish Herald2008.08.27
206045First fighter aircraft designed and built in India reaches productionIndia Defence2007.10.25
206045Irish women reach average life expectancy of 91 yearsIrish Independent2007.10.18
206045UK has the largest population of any country in EuropePress Association2008.08.27
206045Temperatures in Los Angeles area rise by 4 to 5 degrees over 2012 levelsLos Angeles Times2012.06.21
206146African middle class reaches one billion peopleWall Street Journal2011.10.13
20614627% of population of New Zealand is over age 65New Zealand Herald2009.12.28
206651Half a million people in the UK are over age 100The Guardian2010.12.30
206752New York subway system reaches "good condition" based upon repair rates of 2015WPIX2015.09.03
207055Himalayan glaciers 40% smaller than in early 2000sThe Guardian2009.10.04
207055Vietnam completely cleared of mines from civil warVietNamNet2008.08.17
207055Autonomous police cars patrol streetsSilicon.com2008.08.13
207358Ozone layer returns to pre-1980 levels over entire planet, including polesDaily Mail2010.09.20
207560Health-care spending reaches 46.2% of US GDPCongressional Budget Office2007.11
20806520% decline in world food production potential over 2007 levels due to global warmingVoice of America2007.09.13
208065British women reach an average life expectancy of 100 yearsThe Telegraph2007.01.10
208267Health care takes up 49% of US GDPWall Street Journal2008.11.24
208267Robotic police officers with human-like featuresTechRadar.com2008.08.12
209075Aspen trees extinct in Rocky Mountains due to "sudden aspen decline"Treehugger2009.09.26
209075Worldwide temperatures average 7°F above 1990sIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change2007.02.05
210085Sea levels rise by 43 inches over levels in 2000BBC News2007.03.01
210085Quebec's pure Francophone population falls to 4 millionMontreal Gazette2007.09.27
210085Japan gets 53% of electricity from nuclear power plantsJapan Times2008.11.27
210590Arctic Ocean becomes seasonally ice-freeUniversity of Arizona2005.08.22