Virtual Assistants

Brian Gongol

Service Location Rates Reviews
AssistU freelance-based
Augusta Virtual Assistant
Brickwork India proposal-based Esquire review (2005): Very positive
EA Help proposal-based positive review
Elance freelance-based
Fancy Hands USA starts at $30/month for five "requests"
Get Friday India $7/hour to $15/hour Esquire review (2005): Very positive (reviewed as Your Man in India, a sister company)
ODesk freelance-based
Red Butler $99/month for 10 requests
Task Bullet Philippines $6/hour
Task Rabbit USA quoted hourly
Tasks Every Day India $6.98/hour Slate review (2013): not positive
Time Etc. USA $26/hour
UAssistMe Central America $12.50/hour (20 hours/month) posting-based
Virtual Staff Finder Philippines
Worldwide 101 North America and Europe $29/hour
Zirtual USA $25/hour ($399/month for 16 hours) VentureBeat: very positive