An Incomplete Guide to the Smartest People in the World
Brian Gongol


Listing here implies no endorsement whatsoever of what the individual says or does. Many of them would probably disagree with one another on any given subject. This is strictly intended as an incomplete catalog of people from a wide range of fields who stand a good chance of being the smartest person in whatever room they happen to occupy, and where to find what they're thinking about.

Links with highlighting are relatively active, with new material at least a few times a month. Others, less so.

Person Website Twitter Facebook Google Plus Other
Barro, Robert
Berkowitz, Bruce Fairholme Funds
Bogle, Jack
Bremmer, Ian @ianbremmer
Brooks, David New York Times @nytdavidbrooks
Buffett, Warren Berkshire Hathaway @warrenbuffett CNBC: Warren Buffett Watch
Bloomberg, Michael @mikebloomberg +MikeBloomberg
Burke, James YouTube: James Burke
Clinton, Bill Clinton Foundation
de Soto Polar, Hernando Institute for Liberty and Democracy @readingsignals
Edelman, Ben @bgedelman
Ferguson, Niall @nfergus
Fry, Stephen @stephenfry
Gates, Bill The Gates Notes @billgates
Gleick, James @jamesgleick
Hughes, Thomas P. University of Pennsylvania
Jillette, Penn @pennjillette
Kamen, Dean DEKA Research
Krulwich, Robert Radiolab @rkrulwich Robert Krulwich on Facebook
Lomborg, Bjorn @bjornlomborg
Lugar, Richard @dicklugar
Mankiw, N. Gregory Greg Mankiw's Blog
Michor, Franziska Michor Laboratory
Mitchell, David The Guardian @realdmitchell
Munger, Charlie Wesco Financial
Novogratz, Jacqueline Acumen Fund @jnovogratz
O'Rourke, PJ @pjorourke
Pearson, Ian @timeguide +IanPearson
Peterson, Peter G. Peter G. Peterson Foundation
Rhee, Michelle @michellerhee
Rice, Condoleezza @condoleezzarice
Rosenberg, Milt @miltrosenberg
Ryan, Paul D. @pryan
Schneier, Bruce @schneier
Shermer, Michael @michaelshermer
Thatcher, Margaret Margaret Thatcher Foundation
Tyson, Neil deGrasse Hayden Planetarium @neiltyson
Volcker, Paul Harvard University
Walker, David M. @deficitranger Public Finance International
Will, George Washington Post
Wolfram, Stephen @stephen_wolfram Stephen Wolfram on Facebook
Yergin, Daniel @danielyergin
Yunus, Muhammad Yunus Centre @yunus_centre +MuhammadYunus