News Randomizer
Brian Gongol

Mondays: (Thursday backup) Science: AVWeb
Iowa: Marshalltown Times Republican
South America: Economista
Newspapers: McClatchy
East Coast: Buffalo News
Ag: Iowa Department of Agriculture
Tuesdays: (Friday backup) Energy: EIA - speeches
Australia: Herald-Sun
Military: Army Times
Weather: Hurricane Zone
Mexico: Economista
UK: Mirror
Wednesdays: (Weekend backup) Health: Medgadget
China: Xinhua (Communist-controlled)
Business: International Labor Organization
Minority: American Indian College Fund
South: Palm Beach Post
World: Times of London
Thursdays: (Monday backup) Futurism: InHabitat
Environment: Hurricane Zone
Mortality: American Diabetes Association
Midwest: Lincoln Journal-Star
Europe: Spiked
Canada: Quebec Post
Fridays: (Tuesday backup) Tech: TechCrunch
Aviation: Airwise
Russia/CIS: Vladivostok News
Des Moines: Dallas County News
Fridays only: Cityview Civic Skinny and Media Matters
Mideast: Iran News Daily
Weekends: (Wednesday backup) Computers: Channel 9
The West: Santa Fe New Mexican
Africa: Observer
Asia/Pacific: New Straits Times
India: Times of India
Colleges: University of Kansas
Debt: Concord Coalition