The WHO Radio Wise Guys
Brian Gongol

Dan's Rant: Why are millionaires spending huge bucks on launching rockets into space rather than on giving money to education or medical research?

Ross's Useless Information: Want to know who's going to win American Idol or get kicked off? Try

Brian's Security Update: Keep your anti-spyware and anti-virus software updated, even if you're using a Mac. As Windows PCs progressively become more secure, criminals are starting to target Macs. If you want to help put an end to junk programs, fight back against the companies that fund spyware. Boycott 'em, send 'em complaint letters, or do whatever else you can to get them to stop the ridiculous practice.

Other highlights: Spammers' fake names are getting ridiculous. Watch your security on unencrypted wireless networks -- use a VPN if you can. And check out Japan's plans to drop RFID tags on disaster areas to search for survivors.

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